How much does it cost to call an 02 number on GiffGaff?

Many people will be familiar with dialling 02 phone numbers. These are classified as geographical UK landline numbers. This means that you can identify the town or city that the telephone line is located. 02 numbers are generally the start of area codes for some cities in the UK. For example, 020 is the dialling code for London, where as 029 is the dialling code for Cardiff. When dialling from a GiffGaff mobile, therefore, 02 numbers are classified in the same way as you dialling any national geographical number. If you have a Giffgaff ‘bundle’ of minutes, therefore, calling an O2 number will come out of your monthly quota of minutes, providing you have enough left for the duration of the call. In all other cases, you will pay the standard network rate for making a call to a national landline.