The history of 0800 numbers – why are they so popular?

More and more companies in the UK, whether big or small are coming to realise the importance of non-geographic number systems (NGNs) as a means of communication. These numbers assist businesses to communicate with their customers efficiently and effectively. The main aim of these numbers is to allow users to call these phone numbers as if they are making a local call without the restriction of their locations. Since these numbers are not associated with any specific location, many businesses, charities, government agencies and statutory bodies are adopting them. Some of their uses will range from people seeking information, those asking for helpline assistance and even voting in TV game shows.

Another advantage why these numbers are proving popular is that they provide powerful call management features. Such features may include voice to email functionality, time of day routing, and hunt groups among many other advantageous facilities.

Why choose 0800 numbers?

The history of such free numbers such as 0800 date back to 1985 when they were introduced in the UK. Since then, their popularity has skyrocketed since their deregulation and now allows customers to access a wide range of 0800 numbers, and why so many people want to buy 0800 numbers. Numbers with the 0800 prefix are free to call and it is the business, which incurs the costs rather than the customer. The main advantage of using such free phone numbers is that they can be used as an effective marketing tool, allowing businesses to build stronger brand images and retain a strong consumer base. The thinking behind many businesses opting to use this type of communication service is that the customer is likely to call when he/she is not being charged anything for the call.

Nonetheless, even with their many advantages people are still confused with the concept of non-geographic numbers, especially on how they can be used for and how much it costs to make calls. This confusion especially comes from the fact that individual phone companies will set their own prices and such information is hard to come by. However, when using free phone numbers, those starting with 0800 or 0808 consumers can call free on a mobile phone or landline without incurring any costs.