Calling 0843 numbers from abroad

0843 telephone numbers are service numbers with a surcharge or special rate. This means that the company you are calling makes money from the call. Similar numbers are 0845, 0870, 0871, 0872. The type of organisations that use these numbers are conference call services, event ticket and travel booking services, pre-sales information lines and information and support lines. 0843 telephone numbers are not traditional phone numbers as they have no geographic location. There are two parts to the charging arrangements when calling 0843 numbers. The first cost is the charge your own telephone service provider makes on the call which is called the ‘access charge’. The second part is called the service charge and is variable, this is the part that earns the organisation you are calling money. Typical call charges for 0843 telephone numbers range from 8p to 62p per minute.

For most users 0843 numbers will cost more than traditional telephone numbers and won’t be included in prepaid contract free call allowances.

Companies that use these numbers are obliged to tell you that you are being charged for your telephone call. Most companies do not use these numbers for standard customer service calls.

How to call 0843 numbers from abroad

There is still a lot of confusion from consumers regarding these telephone numbers because the rate you are charged varies from company to company. If you or your business needs to purchase 0843 numbers, we can cover that or any 08 number.

The reason that companies use these numbers, apart from financial gain, are that they can easily re route calls to any destination, for example you could call a UK company but the call is actually answered from a call centre in India. A large company can have one telephone number but in fact they are routed to multiple locations.

What happens when you call an 0843 telephone number from abroad?

On top of the charges already mentioned when you are calling inland from the UK if you are abroad there are additional charges and the possibility that the local carrier in the country that you are will not allow the call to go through. Most companies offer an additional 0843 number to use if you are calling from abroad but these are not always easy to find. This where we come in as we can provide these numbers for you if you are abroad.

So if you are abroad and need to phone an 0843 telephone number you are in right place to find the correct information on how to call.