Are 0844 numbers free from landlines?

No 0844 numbers are not free to call from landlines. They can cost up to 7p per minute and will also be subject to your phone companies access charge.  The final price of calling these numbers can range from 8p to 19p per minute. These numbers can be used to generate income for the company or organisation who have bought the 0844 number. Traditionally these numbers are not included as part of any free calls allowances your provider might offer. The following services often use 0844 numbers.

  •  Pre-sales
  •  Support lines
  •  Information lines
  •  Ticket booking services
  •  Travel services
  •  Pre-sales information lines

0844 numbers are legally not allowed be used for after purchase support. Many companies have stopped using 0844 numbers. All numbers starting with 084 (i.e. 08443 08441 and 08448) are charged at the same rate and have the same technical features. 0844 numbers are not associated with any specific location.