0844 area code – all you need to know

0844 numbers are in common use across the UK. They are widely recognised by consumers, but perhaps are not the most loved of number ranges. This is due to a variety of different reasons.

Mainly, the issue that many consumers have with 0844 numbers is the fact that it costs them to call them. This means that anyone who is looking to drum up business through using an 0844 number for their business may be best advised to use a different non-geographic telephone number range. However, it is not difficult to understand why some businesses still choose to buy 0844 numbers. This is due to the fact that they are able to create a rebate for the company receiving the call.

Is 0844 an area code?

This rebate comes through the charge being made to the consumer, and is passed on to the business (usually with a cut being taken by a middle man). For small businesses, this can be used to offset the cost of provide phone service to their consumers; for larger companies, this used to be a major money spinner. Due to legislation changes, this is not the case any more.

For clarity’s sake, the 0844 number range is not technically an area code; the fact that is that it is a non-geographic number. this means it can be used by any organisation or individual in any location across the UK, and is not fixed to one area.