Are 03 numbers free from landlines?

03 numbers are not free when using a landline. They can cost up to 9p a minute. Calls from a landline to a 03 number cost the same as calls to 01 or 02 numbers. A 03 number is what is known as a “Non-geographic” number. These numbers are used by all sorts of organisations because of the many benefits they provide. These include but are not limited to.

  •  Easier publicity in international markets as companies from virtually any location can use a single phone number instead of having a different number for each area.
  •  These numbers also allow for flexible routing meaning that a call to this number can be directed to different locations with ease. This means that these numbers are perfect for call centers.
  •  03 numbers also help to promote the idea that the organisation they are used by is multinational as they are not stock with a geographic landline number linked with a specific location.

In recent years many companies have switched to buying 03 numbers due to the increasing complexity of the rules surrounding the usage of 084 and 087 numbers. There also tends to be a more negative image surrounding 084 and 087 numbers and many companies to avoid this image have switched to 03 numbers.