What is VoIP? What does it do?

A VoIP stands for ‘Voice over Internet Protocol‘, to put it bluntly, it is a telephone service designed for use over the Internet. It can also at times be referred to as VoN (Voice over Networks) and VoB (Voice over Broadband). A VoIP is designed for businesses and/or individuals that have a high quality Internet service, and want to have their phone provider delivered through the Internet, rather than from an everyday standard phone line company.

It is a new technology that is steadily expanding, with more and more businesses and individuals switching to a VoIP service over a traditional telephone, it is becoming a popular way to connect with others.

Choosing a VoIP over a standard telephone line enables you to make low cost and sometimes free telephone calls over the Internet to anywhere in the world, regardless of what type of network or telephone the receiving individual or company is using.

Using VoIP’s is a way to improve your communication functionality without any additional cost, unlike with a standard telephone.

What does VoIP stand for?

So how does it all work you ask? When using a VoIP your voice is digitally converted, just like any other information on the Internet. When you use the Internet everything sent to and from your device is transferred using digital data. It is however only reliable with a strong Internet connection, hence why many businesses opt for VoIP’s over a traditional telephone line. When comparing a VoIP to a standard telephone line there is a clearer visible benefit, you are instantly more capable of receiving free or less expensive versions of typical telephone technology, such a voicemails, call diversions and even a selection of music on hold options. Then there is one of the main reasons why many move over to a VoIP, and that is because of the cheaper calls, which can for the majority of the time be completely free. You can buy 0333 numbers now through Number Supermarket – our team are able to talk more in depth about VoIP.

Phone calls made or receive through a VoIP can be free because VoIP’s are designed to be incorporated into a monthly broadband subscription, so everything is already paid upfront through the subscription fee. The only difference is if you choose to phone a non-VoIP network, then an extra fee will be charged.

This is because non-VoIP networks are set up on a different service, causing there to be a small charge when contacting these numbers

Why use VoIP?

When using a VoIP service, you are able to make calls both locally and internationally with no or very little cost at your end.

There is also the addition of added functionality with VoIP’s. Compared to standard telephone networks, VoIP’s can be used anywhere in the world, without extra cost to you. All that is needed is a secure and reliable Internet connection and you’re set to go.

This enables expanding businesses and many self-employed or freelance individuals to work anywhere they have a steady Internet connection.

VoIP’s are changing the way in which we communicate with others, they are making it more accessible for people to interact across the globe without excessive hidden charges.