What are virtual numbers?

The Virtual numbers also referred to as access numbers are merely telephone numbers that are not tied to landlines. These numbers usually forward phone calls to different phone chosen by the user. These numbers allow one to make calls to local numbers even from long distances. Virtual numbers are vital because they enable business enterprises to exit in an area without necessarily being there physically. Companies can cut down on costs and still be competitive through the use of virtual numbers even in overcrowded markets. Virtual numbers – which are available on number ranges such as 0808, which you can buy from Number Supermarket –  operate as a gateway between VOIP and traditional calls. Virtual numbers can be set to direct calls to users existing phones; they, therefore, do not need to purchase new devices.

Virtual numbers can route calls to the number provided by the customer and allows remote destination calls without incurring much charge since the calls appear local. The number allows a person with specific area code to call international protocol users with different area codes as if they are local. This feature works in that a VOIP client requests their provider to give them a virtual number within a preferred area code. If a caller from that preferred area code makes a call, it appears local but can map the client’s actual number. The virtual number provider will then charge a small fee for the service offered.

In some platforms such as follow me, the user can be assigned a virtual number that when dialed, the call can be routed among various area code numbers. Most international protocol voice providers offer virtual numbers labeled as “Direct Inward Dialing.” These numbers are recognized as toll-free phone numbers or local area numbers within certain cities. In the UK, the numbers are offered within the 070 number prefixes known as personal numbering service.

Benefits of Virtual Numbers

Companies can grow to over-sea markets without too much investment that can be very costly. The funds that the company was to invest to venture into international markets can be channeled to developing the business and promote growth. Call centres also benefit from virtual numbers in that they can keep a local image while using worldwide call centers to ensure they maintain total coverage. Also, small companies can project a professional appearance through operations done with virtual offices. The companies will, therefore, appear trustworthy and established to its clients.

Uses of Virtual Phone Numbers

One of the applications of virtual numbers include companies maintaining local presences in international spheres. Companies can have virtual phone numbers to areas far from their physical location which allows their customers to contact them without paying heavily for long distant calls. Companies can also use virtual numbers for their marketing campaigns or any other media channels. They can track back and see the traffic created by their mediums and campaigns. Virtual numbers allow call tracking. Companies and business enterprises can use virtual numbers to track conversion rates and effectiveness of their marketing. Different calls are attached to different campaigns, which allows the business to check which campaign received most calls.

Virtual numbers give a platform for virtual calls. One can make an anonymous call, which does not reveal its identity. People can contact each other without showing their phone numbers. Some dating sites and online shops use this feature to carry out their operations. Furthermore, virtual numbers can be used by companies to allocate employees with own numbers that do not queue for calls. The numbers allow for direct in calls within the organization. Also, families separated by long distances can also keep close contact by using virtual numbers that are relatively cheap.