What are 02921 numbers?

Telephone numbers starting 02921 cover the area of Cardiff and neighbouring locations. In addition, numbers that begin with 02920 and 02922 are also used for this area.

All telephone numbers for the Cardiff area start with 029, followed by eight digits. Numbers that begin with 02921 were introduced in 2005 when the initial 02920 numbers ran out. 02922 numbers followed in 2010.

Telephone numbers that begin with 01 and 02 are called geographic numbers, which means they are used for specific locations within the UK. However, it is worth noting that while the vast majority of these numbers relate to businesses and homes, within a particular area, this is not always the case.

More information about 02921 numbers, the area code for Cardiff

As an example, a business can purchase a number starting with 02921 to give the impression that they are based in Cardiff or the surrounding area. However, this number does not have to be attached to a specific landline. This means that all calls to this number can be re-routed to anywhere in, or outside of, the United Kingdom.

If you are calling any 01 or 02 number which is being forwarded to another location, irrespective of where that is, you will only be charged the normal UK rate. Regardless of whether the home or business is based in the city designated by the area code, or the call is being routed elsewhere, the cost of your phone call will not change. The company you are calling will pay any extra costs incurred, not you.

Most home phone tariffs include free calls to geographic numbers. Some calling plans allow you to make unlimited calls without charge. Other plans might restrict these calls to evenings and/or weekends. If you make a chargeable call the cost will vary depending on your telephone company. At the time of writing, the most you can expect to pay is 13p per minute. However, it is always advisable to check with your telephone provider to find the exact cost of these calls.

The majority of mobile phone plans include free minutes to 01 and 02 numbers in their monthly allowance. If you have used your allowance, or your plan does not include free minutes, you will be charged to phone these numbers. The cost of the call can vary from 3p to 55p per minute, depending on your provider. Again, check with them to find out the exact price of your call.

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