What type of companies & organisations use 0330 numbers?

Introduced in March of 2007, an 0330 has specific uses for many different companies and organisations, the benefits and the types of companies using the and why will be outlined here. The number has grown in popularity since then and has been widely adopted by a number of organisations across the UK in order to provide services to their customers. Companies are buying 0330 numbers for a whole host of different reasons – but they are commonly used as the primary customer service helpline contact.

These numbers are a special type of non-geographic landline numbers that are used around the UK by several companies and organisations, with many different uses. They do not operate as a standard call to other landlines and as such, it is often found that special rates apply to many of these different types of non-geographic numbers, for example many 0800 numbers, however, an 0330 number is charged as the exact same as calling any other landline across the country, which means it is advantageous for both the company to use, for reasons which will be discussed and also, it does not mean that the customer calling the landline loses out and has to pay over the odds to make a phone call to one of these numbers.

Benefits of 0330 Numbers

The benefits for the companies that use them, of which, there are many are that the phone number is not restricted to operate in one area. Therefore, this allows much more freedom as to where to place the call centres and in fact, the landline can be operated from whichever location throughout the country. This provides the customer with some continuity, so they know, if they have a long term relationship with a company, they can still ring the same number, despite changes in location of the call centre under which the number operates from and it saves cluttering up the phonebook with any confusing duplicate numbers for one customer service. The customer also gains a lot from a company operating under an 0330 number as oppose to an 0800 number as these numbers are typically charged at the same rate as a normal localised land line would, so the customer does not have to incur an additional charge.

Where are 0330 Numbers Used?

It has been previously touched on that they often provide information and help services for a given company and act as a crucial part of providing excellent customer service. There are a wide range of companies that use them and in particular, large organisations tend to use them more commonly. Example uses are companies like Argos, car breakdown cover customer service with RAC and Admiral car insurance customer helpline, that the customer can ring at no extra expense than would be the case if they were to ring a friend instead. This is useful because the cost can really rack up during customer service phone calls, in order to direct a person to the right specialist and often, there is some time spent on hold whilst this takes place and complex queries can often require a customer to stay on the phone for a long while.

Are There Any Downsides to the Numbers?

There are no actual downsides to the operation of the number itself, however, like anything it is always careful to be weary of security with these numbers, which can indeed effect all different types of none geographic numbers and that is a the large amounts of scam artists and fraudulent companies that can ring up using these numbers and try and take money from innocent people. This is not a specific drawback of the number, but it is worth noting that just because 0330 numbers are used by a large number of reputable companies to provide services to the customer, there are also a large number of different people that can set up one of these numbers easily enough and try to use it to cheat some people out of money and indeed, many numbers beginning with 0330 have been reported before online and in many chat rooms for such behaviour and it is worth staying vigilant and not just assuming the phone call is legitimate as it is using a special rate number.