How much does it cost to call an 0843 number on Vodafone?

There are many types of phone numbers in the UK, and it is incredibly helpful to know what the starting numbers mean when it comes to phones. Buying 0843 numbers online, especially as they belong to the broader category of 084 numbers, are general service numbers used to call organisations.

The cost associated with calling 0843 numbers with Vodafone can be roughly separated into two parts; an access charge, and a service charge.

The access charge is how much Vodafone charges, according to their official website, on a per-minute basis. Currently, Vodafone charges 0.55 pence every minute for calls made to 0843 numbers, with the minimum charge being at least one minute’s worth of time.

Additionally, there are service charges associated with calling 0843 numbers as well. These charges are determined by the company that the caller is contacting. Therefore, it is up to the caller to find out, specifically, how much the service charge is for the company that he is calling.