How much does it cost to call an 0843 number on EE?

EE have become an exceedingly popular mobile network company in the UK, and whether you are on contract or Pay-As-You-Go, EE prides itself on being there for its customers. When making a call to a 0843 number it isn’t included in minutes that are included on a contract sim, but extra monthly add-ons can be bought to reduce the overall cost of calling numbers that start with 0843.

Normally numbers using 0843 are reserved for banks, help-lines and other large corporations, and the charges can be exceedingly high. EE charges customers 50 pence per minute to contact numbers starting with 0843 – you can buy 0843 numbers here –  and contacting certain 0843 also receive a service charge onto of the usual access charge of 50p. The extra service charges can range from 1 – 7 pence per minute, dependent on the company being contacted.

If you are a regular caller of 0843 numbers, the add on provided by EE provides you with 200 minutes every 30 days at a monthly cost of £6 – making the calls average out to just three pence per minute rather than the usual 50p.