How much does it cost to call an 0300 number on TalkTalk?

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The cost of calling a UK landline number with the prefix 03 will vary for customers depending on which TalkTalk package they are on. This is true of 0300 numbers, but many people still need to know how much they will be charged when they call through TalkTalk.

Customers with an Essentials Tv/ Essentails package will incur charges of 13.5 pence per minute during weekdays (7am to 7pm). Weekday calls to 03 numbers out of these hours and all through the weeknd will incur no charge.

Customers with a Plus Tv/ Plus package will not incur any coats for these calls at any time.

Customers of all other TalkTalk packages including Simply Broadband, Fast Broadband and Faster Fibre will incur charges of 13.5 pence per minute regardless of when the call is made.

These costs are the same as those incurred for landlines numbers with the prefix 01 and 02 as well throughout TalkTalk packages. If you would like to purchase an 0300 number, you can do so on Number Supermarket here.