How much does it cost to buy a phone number?

You’d think that buying a dedicated fixed line number for your business would be expensive and complex. Fortunately this process can be simple and affordable. There are several options available for buying a dedicated business number on NumberSupermarket, which can be tailored depending on budget and usage needs. To get started with your unique phone number for your business, the following packages are available:

At £9.99 per month, the Standard plan gives you a number with 250 inclusive landline minutes and 50 minutes to mobile numbers. With this package, you get calls routed to your landline or mobile and a pre-connection greeting. You also get Fax2Email and Voicemail2Email functionality with this plan. As well as a web-based management platform, you also get an app suitable for iPhone and Android.

The Advanced plan offers you 500 minutes to landline numbers and 200 minutes to mobiles, along with your chosen number. This plan costs £14.99 a month. It offers all of the features of the Standard plan, plus out-of-hours service, a real-time reporting suite, and disaster recovery. You are able to set date and caller exceptions, view your caller’s details on the number display and set up missed call alerts. You get an in-call whisper announcement with this package.

The final plan option is Professional. With this plan, you get your chosen number along with higher allowances. The allowances with this plan are 1000 minutes to landline numbers and 500 minutes to mobile numbers. The professional plan, in addition to the Standard and Advanced plan features, offers mid-call transfers, a multi-level IVR, call recording and an unlimited capacity call queue. All plans come with dedicated 24/7 customer care.

Buying a number through Number Supermarket

As well as choosing a calling plan for your number, you also get to choose a number ‘grading’. The number grading determines how memorable a number is. You can look for a number that fits in with your brand, or that is easy to dial, such as sequential numbers. You can choose from Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum graded numbers. Bronze graded numbers have no monthly grading fee. Silver numbers cost £10 per calendar month. It’s £15 per calendar month if you want a Gold graded number. Finally, the most memorable numbers available are graded Platinum and these numbers cost £20 per calendar month – you can find out more through our buy number page now.

Extra such as packages with call rebates or live wall boards are available in addition to the packages mentioned.