0843 area code – all you need to know

An 0843 number is a number that does not correspond to a particular geographical location, so calls from this number can be from anywhere inside of the UK. Any business 0843 number bought and used in Britain is known as a service number and has a special charge attached to it which makes it cost a higher rate than an ordinary phone number.

The total cost of an 0843 number takes the form of two parts. The first part is the standard access charge that your network operator charges you for connecting your call. This charge varies greatly among phone networks, typically it will vary from anywhere between 10 and 50 pence per minute. The second part of the 0843 number charge is known as the service charge. 0843 numbers typically offer you some kind of service, whether it be helping you to look up information or offering customer service, and so this service is justified by this additional charge. This charge again depends on the company that you are calling and is regulated to be a maximum of 7 pence per minute.

Is 0843 an area code?

In short: 0843 numbers are not an area code. They are classed as non-geographic numbers. The total cost therefore ranges from around 17 to 57 pence per minute, depending on the company which you are calling and the phone network operator which you are using. Thus it is important to research what your network access charge is as well as what the company’s service charge in order to avoid any large surprises on your phone bill. These charges actually apply for any 084 number so it is good to bear all this in mind before calling the number and fully familiarise yourself with the costs involved.