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0115 Numbers – Buy Your Number Now

Nottingham is famous for many things such as the legend of Robin Hood and Nottingham Forest Football Club (as well as Notts County). Another factor that gets firmly established as being recognisable due to its Nottingham location is the telephone number prefix 0115. The prefix of 0115 was first introduced back in April 1995 and since then has secured itself as Nottingham’s local area code. Nowadays, 0115 telephone numbers not only accommodate the City of Nottingham itself, 0115s also operate in many of Nottingham’s surrounding areas such as Beeston, Gotham, Sherwood and Wollaton – to name but a few. If you are unsure whether or not a 0115 telephone covers your location, please don’t hesitate to ask – or buy your 0115 number below.

Step 1: Choose your 0115 number


£12.99 / mo

+ Standard ppm call charges

Features Included

Perfect for any small business owner only

£12.99 / mo

  • Route to Landline & Mobile

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£18.99 / mo

+ Standard ppm call charges

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Great for medium to large enterprises only

£18.99 / mo

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As a regular landline number, 0115 is typically charged at standard rate – that means your customers can contact you safe in the knowledge they know how much their call is likely to cost.

In addition to the familiar pricing attached to geographic numbers such as 0115, there’s the memorability value of the digits themselves. However, to make your new number as easy to remember and use a possible it is essential to adopt the correct figure arrangement. Presenting your 0115 telephone number will allow your callers to find it more recognisable and straightforward to call.

What more do I need to know before I buy an 0115 number?

0115 is the designated UK landline area code for Nottingham, used primarily by homes and businesses. If you see or are called by an 0115 phone number, the call will be from a person or business located in Nottingham or its surrounding areas. Similarly, if you would like to call a person / business within Nottingham or its surrounding areas, 0115 should be used prior to dialling their six digit phone number if you are not based in the same locality. The exact locations which use 0115 are:

  • Arnold
  • Basford
  • Beeston
  • Bulwell
  • Burton Joyce
  • Chalfont Drive
  • Cotgrave
  • Edwalton
  • Gedling
  • Gotham
  • Hucknall
  • Ilkeston
  • Kimberley
  • Long Eaton
  • Lowdham
  • Nottingham
  • Plumtree
  • Radcliffe on Trent
  • Ruddington
  • Sandiacre
  • Sherwood
  • Stapleford
  • Trentside
  • Wollaton
  • Woodborough

Calls to 0115 numbers are charged at the normal landline rate of 13p per minute. Calls from mobiles to 0115 numbers range between 3p and 55p per minute depending on your call package. All 01 and 02 UK numbers are charged at the same rate. If making a local call from within one of the areas listed above, the 0115 area code is not required – all you need to do is dial the six digit phone number. To call a person in Nottingham from an international location, +44 should be entered prior to the area code. The 0 at the start of the area code should then be removed. Example – +44 115 123456.

What are the 0115 Area Codes?

What exactly is an area code? An area code is used when dialling the number of a person based in a different locality to the person making the phone call. For example, if a person in London dialled the number 123456, they would get through to a person / business in London with the number 123456. However, if they dialled 0115 123456, they would reach the person / business in Nottingham with the number 123456. An area code can also therefore be used to uniquely identify an area – so that all numbers beginning 0115 are based in Nottingham.

Area codes can sometimes vary in length. For clarity, they are written separately (often in brackets) to the main six digit phone number. For example, (0115) 123456. This way, you can easily tell which is the area code and which isn’t, and also, whether you need to type the code in or not depending on whether you live in the same locality to the person you are calling or not.

The Nottingham area code became 0115 in April 1995. Prior to this date it was 0602.

Remember, you can increase that invaluable memorability factor even further by cherry picking your new number from our extensive range of pre-graded options. We have strategically assigned a grading of Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum to each and every number, depending upon how memorable it is.

Despite establishing a straightforward 3-step shopping system, we understand that many customers often still have questions regarding both our geographic and non-geographic telephone numbers. If you would like to speak directly to a member of the Number Supermarket team, please call freephone on 0330 332 0400.