Want a London phone number? How about an 0203 code?

Considering a business number with a London area code? You’ll probably find that 0207 and 0208 prefixes spring to mind, but what about 0203s. Compared to its older and more established 020 numbers, 0203 are the newest to the range. 

So, where have 0203s come from? 

Okay, the 020 part of the prefix relates to the number’s association with the location of London – accommodating both inner and outer London. Understandably many people associate different prefixes

 with specific areas, often assuming that 0207 links to an inner London operator and the 0208 prefix to an outer London telecom operator. Although sounding logical, this simply isn’t true. 

 So where did this logic come from? It all started in the early 90s – a time when landline combinations were limited. It’s true that back then, 0207 and 0208 prefixes were typically assigned to inner and outer London. Fast Forward to 2005 and landline combinations increased along with demand. Business in London was thriving and telecoms had to accommodate that, so the additional 0203 prefix was introduced.

The results were huge!

The small change of one digit from a 7 or 8 to a 3 made a massive difference – increasing London’s area codes by a jaw dropping 50%. 

Whichever 020 London phone number you choose, remember that they all are a clear indication of the location. All 020 area codes are therefore written with the following spacing 020 3*** **** / 020 7*** **** or 020 8*** ****.

Caller perceptions matter 

Despite covering the entirety of London, 0207 are still widely perceived by the public as being an inner London operator. In a strange way, many callers therefore associate 0203s and 0207s as being associated with higher calibre inner city business, with 0208 representing London’s outer area.

Is an 0203 number for you?

Alongside their ‘whole-of-London’ coverage there are lots of reasons to choose an 0203 code. There are also some reasons for selecting an 0207 or 0208. 

Let’s take a closer look…

Saying ‘YES’ to 0203 (UP TO HERE)  

  • Cost Effective. Creating a presence in sought after business locations can be expensive, but not with a virtual number such as an 0203. Think about it! You don’t even have to have a premises there (avoiding astronomical office rates), with a virtual number you can present the illusion of being virtually anywhere. This works the same for any major UK city such as Manchester, Leeds or Glasgow.
  • Image. As far as the European business market goes, London is viewed as a big player. In fact, it’s the perfect place to springboard to global recognition – elevating your brand to global proportions.
  • Get recognised. It’s not only business recognition your 0203 (or any 02 number) brings. Both London residents and in fact those across the whole of the UK associate 0203 with the Capital City. So, from creating a high business profile to the general public, it’s easy to put your business on the map.

You’re in great company

From the BBC to the Guardian newspaper, 0203 numbers are the preferred choice of many recognised companies. It’s clear to see that the 0203 area code is now well established. However, whether you’re a SME, one-man band or multi-national concern an 0203 (along with 0207 and 0208) are increasingly the ideal fit when it comes to comms.

Why not set up your 0203 number today? 

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