Vanity Numbers – making your business truly memorable

Your business’ phone number isn’t just a way for customers to get in touch, it’s a crucial part of your branding too. So, making that number memorable is in many ways as important as having a catchy name or strapline. That’s where Vanity Numbers come into their own. Also known as Gold or Special Numbers, these memorable options feature repeating digits, easily remembered number sequences or digits which may be particular to a certain company or industry.

Are memorable numbers categorised in a specific way?

Memorable numbers are allocated to telecom providers via the UK’s communication regulator ‘Ofcom’.  Once allocated, providers will decide how they will market those numbers, depending on how memorable they are.

Let’s look for example at how we categorise our Vanity Numbers here at Number Supermarket. Our numbers are put into categories named Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum (Platinum being the most memorable) – repeating digits and sequences influence their level of memorability. We feel that the more memorable the number arrangement is, the more likely they will be to generate calls. That’s why we price them in correlation to their potential value to a business.

Here are some examples of how memorable numbers may be categorised are as follows:

  • Repeated sets – 47 47 47
  • Repeated digits – 888 888
  • Mirrored digits – 334 433
  • Consecutive runs – 456789
  • Centenary – 400 500
  • Repeated prefix – 833 833

Reasons to use a memorable business number

Obviously having a memorable number means more people will remember your business’ telephone number and in turn the more calls you are likely to receive. That’s why there are many businesses that use a memorable number as an integral part of their brand identity.

Spoken communication is commonly the most efficient way of handling your customers  – both existing and new. People like the personal experience a telephone call brings. It also allows you to arrange sales and sort queries quickly; on a one-to-one basis. Telephone calls are arguably one of the most valuable points of contact for your business. So, if you haven’t considered upgrading your number, why not?

It’s safe to say that memorable numbers are an asset to any business – even more so when companies are competing in industries where many telephone enquiries are regularly made. A memorable number which looks and sounds great won’t only just roll off the tongue, it can also strengthen your brand’s image too.

If you want to keep an edge over your competitors, a Vanity Number is a simple yet incredibly effective way to achieve it.

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