SwitchboardFree vs NumberSupermarket

The main objective for every business is to profit maximisation. However, this goal can only get achieved if the business organisation is centring on satisfying the customer needs, efficient services, and public relations. Internal and external business communications determine the environment, relationships and performance of the business organisation. SwitchboardFree and Number Supermarket are to some element comparative. The two service providers profoundly offer 24/7 telecommunication channels for businesses. We do our best to ensure that a business will never miss a call through every means possible – and here, we take a look at why we believe we are the best in the business.

The Services Number Supermarket Offers

Number Supermarket got a strong desire for making life easy. Therefore, they came up with a manageable three-step shopping technique which requires minimal efforts from the start to its ending. There is an assortment of virtual phone numbers that Number Supermarket offers to businesses. All the main number categories, the likes of local 01 and 02; 0800 and 087; 03; 0844, 0845 and 0843 gets offered. Every client is at liberty of making their new phone numbers as memorable as they would wish. Businesses handpick the ones they like the sound and look of from their Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze selections. Upon investing in a telephone number from Number Supermarket, the client also spends in a valuable communication contingency strategy for their business.

Number Supermarket Operation Charges

Number Supermarket services are exceptional in their uniqueness from their automation and management of calls, ease of management, calls redirection, and compatibility. However, getting to use a telephone number from them may require some service fee payment. There are four main categories of the various numbers offered. Bronze numbers have no attached set up costs. The silver numbers are charged £10 for every month of subscription, with Gold at £15 and £20 for the Platinum package. A business organisation that owns an impressive telephone number enjoys the brand reinforcement for there is a desirable first impression created for the callers. It matters less whether the clients are calling from a mobile or a landline. There is much that an easy to memorise phone number can imply and, that is the main reason Number Supermarket has a practical ‘grading system’. The system assigns a momentousness level to every one of their numbers at the different levels.

The Number Supermarket Features and Packages

There is a portfolio availed with all the complimentary phone features. Every package has features ranging from the IVR facilities and even the ‘one-click’ disaster recovery through to their out-of-hours messaging and real-time number management. More so, the benefit a business receives varies depending on whether they opt for the Professional, Advanced or Standard option. Nevertheless, their steadfast technical advice and customer care available any day, any hour is a thing that everyone enjoys. An organisation has to make a selection from these three packages. Every plan includes more features and minutes than its preceding.

Number Supermarket Standard package is charged £9.99 for every month. The plan is modest with the inclusion of 250 and 50 minutes for the landlines and mobiles respectively. Its features are rather simple for they are fax to email, voicemail to email, voicemail greetings and the standard call routing services. It is a perfect plan for the starting or less busy businesses. The advanced package comes with an attached monthly fee of £14.99. Its inclusive mobile minutes go up to 200 and only 500 inclusive landline minutes. The plan comes with notch higher features such as the call whispering function, out-of-hours messaging service and the missed call and number display alerts. A business requires paying £24.99 per month for the usage of a Professional package. It comes with some added features, the likes of multi-level IVR, call recording service and the not limited call queue. The tariff has 500 and 1000 minutes for the mobile and landline calls respectively.

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