How much does it cost to call an 0871 number on EE?

Calling any business 0871 number on EE is common, yet it is not always completely clear what you will be charged for making the call. Non-geographic telephone numbers beginning with 0871 are often used by many large organisations. Their use in the UK is decreasing, with many being replaced with 03 numbers. However, while 087 numbers are still being used you will want to understand the charges you should expect. You are not able to use 0870 numbers in your monthly quota of minutes on your EE call package – 0870 numbers are not included. However, EE does let its customers sign up for an additional bundle for a charge, which allows access to 0870 numbers. EE will charge customers an access charge, currently 50p in addition to a charge per minute for making a call to 0870 numbers which is currently 11p.