How much do 01 numbers cost to call?

01 numbers, along with 02 numbers, are geographically specific landline phone numbers – you can purchase your 02 number now here. This means that the numbers following the 01 prefix will enable the caller to identify the location of the landline they are calling. For example; 0115 is a Nottingham number and calls to landlines in Edinburgh begin with the digits 0131. 01 phone numbers are used by both residential properties and businesses.

Cost of calling 01 numbers

The cost of calling numbers with the 01 prefix will vary depending on a number of factors. These include whether you are calling from a landline or mobile, the day and time of day you call and your network provider.
Generally speaking, calling an 01 number from a landline should not work out to be too expensive. Most landline providers will include calls to 01 numbers for free as part of their package, particularly when calling an 01 number in the evening and at weekends. Outside of the customers agreed call plan , calls to 01 numbers will incur a cost of on average 13 pence per minute (though it could be as low as 2 pence per minute). There will usually be a connection cost added to the overall call cost of around 21 pence. Actual call costs will vary depending on the phone line provider. As an example; as of January 2018 BT will charge customers 13 pence per minute to call numbers with an 01 prefix, with a 22 pence set up fee. This fee will only apply when the 01 number is called outside of the customer’s BT calling plan. Consumers should look at their own individual plan for confirmation but 01 calls are usually free evenings and weekends and of a duration of under an hours length when calling from a BT landline.

How much will I pay to call an 01 number?

Costs of calling 01 and 02 numbers from mobile phones can be considerably more expensive and, as with landlines, will vary depending on the provider. As a guide, calls to 01 numbers from mobiles will incur charges of anywhere between 3 and 55 pence per minute. Most mobile providers will provide free calls to 01 numbers as part of the customer’s monthly plan. In order to provide you with some comparisons, the following is a list of what some of the most popular mobile phone providers charge to call an 01 number out of the customers monthly allowance:
Tesco mobile: 25 pence per minute.
EE: 30 pence per minute.
Vodafone: 50 pence per minute.
As costs do vary considerably from provider to provider, please do check your own indvidual call plan for confirmation.