How much does it cost to call an 0330 number on Plusnet Mobile?

When using Plusnet Mobile, you can call any business 0330 number for free if it is included in your monthly call package. With Plusnet Mobile, 0330 numbers are included in the local call rate. These are free of charge when in the UK or in Roam Like at Home destinations. If you exceed your monthly plan allowance or are outside of your designated area, then the charges can vary. It ranges from £0.33 ppm to £0.40 ppm depending on your roam like at home band destination. Check to see what “band” you will be in when traveling to figure out the accurate amount. For Band 1 locations it is £0.40ppm while band 9 destinations it is £0.33 ppm.

Call charges to 0330 numbers on Plusnet Mobile

According to our latest research, customers of Plusnet Mobile can expect to pay the following for calls to each number range

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