The history of 0872 numbers

UK numbers starting with 0872 are geographically independent commercial numbers, attracting premium rates. Commercial enterprises and service providers use these numbers is to offer services, such as booking event tickets, make travel bookings, provide sales information, offer horoscope and tarot services, for dating and adult entertainment services, to make conference call services, for chat services, and services of a similar nature.

0872 Number Origin

The 087 numbering range was introduced during the 1995 PhONEday renumbering scheme. The earliest 087 series prefix was 0870, introduced for non-geographic calls. At the time, 0870 calls attracted the same rate as national or long distance.

The 0871 range of numbers was launched in 2000, for use in dial-up Internet services. The popularity of this range soon caused a severe capacity crunch. 0871 and 0872 prefixes were launched in 2007, to expand the capacity.

The original 0870 prefixes were linked to geographical rates. The 0872 prefix numbers were not linked to geographical rates. These numbers were not included in call packages either. BT charged 10p per minute for 0872 prefix calls. Other phone operators charged around 16p per minute from landlines, and up to 45p per minute from mobiles.

Popularity of 0872 Prefix

The 0871 and 0872 prefixes soon gained widespread popularity for providing services. The charging structure of these numbers allowed enterprises providing service through these numbers to receive a percentage of the charge made to the caller. Since service providers could benefit financially, they promoted these numbers in a big way.

The increasing service charge levied by the providers soon brought 0871 and 0872 numbers under the purview of PhonepayPlus, the regulator for premium-rate telecoms.

0872 Number Rates

The charging structure for 087 calls was simplified on 1 July 2015. Calls to service numbers such as 0972 numbers were now divided into two components. The first component is the normal access charge levied by the phone operator. The charge is anywhere between 7p per minute to 45 p per minute, depending on the phone company, and whether the call comes from a landline or mobile phone.

The second component of the business 0872 numbers calling charge is the ‘service charge.’ The commercial enterprise or service provider to whom the consumer makes the call, levy the service charge. The service provider has the discretion to fix the rate, but must publish it.

The service charge is added on top of the normal access charge charged by the phone company. Several commercial enterprises and their number suppliers now make available various per-minute and per-call rates for these numbers.