Getting Your International Business Number

Expanding your company to international proportions is undoubtedly a lucrative opportunity.  After all,  you’ll gain better visibility and access to an increased number of customers. So, you’ll be staying on top of your competitors far and wide.

However, there are various challenges to overcome as you develop your business further. One of the main ones is your telephony. Thankfully this is easily remedied and there are options available. Firstly, you may like to consider using an international toll-free number to show that your clients’

best interests are your priority; as you provide free calls right around the globe. Before you explore the use of international business numbers let us explain how it all works.

International Business Phone Numbers – a closer look!

An international phone number quite simply allows your business to establish a presence and communicate from literally anywhere around the globe.  The  number you choose can be toll-free or regional – it really is your choice.

Calling Your International Number

Dialling an international number simply requires callers to first input the country code they are calling, followed by the area or city code and finally the phone number itself.  

Setting Up & Routing Your Business Number

Once you’ve found  your telecom service provider, they will be able to activate your account and your international number(s). Depending on which country you need a number for, you may find that certain documentation is required by that country’s network. Your provider will guide you through and typically handle this for you. Details such as: your company registration number, international address and main contact information are typical requirements. It’s important to remember that although your number may only take a few minutes to activate, they can often have a period of around 1-3 weeks ordering time. 

Call Features 

As with UK business telephone numbers, an international number also has  various call features available. 

Here are just some you can expect:

  • Call recording

Incoming calls can be recorded for invaluable data collection purposes;  with calls being securely saved – available for you to access at any time. So, if you need to check conversation details, they are conveniently to hand.

  • Call queuing

When your business receives multiple calls at once, call queues are an excellent way to keep callers informed about their position in the queue, to hear music and add essential announcements. You can also strengthen your branding with bespoke on-hold messaging. Choosing how many callers you want to be in the queue means you know they won’t be waiting too long. What’s more, the option to leave a voicemail and exit the queue gives callers greater flexibility too. 

  • Voice2Email

As the name suggests, this function allows you to add a bespoke recorded message, prompting callers to leave a voicemail. Messages are delivered in real time into a designated email box(es) as an audio file. 

  • Flexible Routing

With the option to route calls from international destinations to UK mobiles, landlines or cloud systems, or within the country it’s associated with, you can configure your telecoms to suit your business exactly.

International Phone Numbers – the Advantages

OK, why should you use an international business phone number? Here are just some of a few benefits you can expect:

  • Rapid Set Up

Activating your international number only takes a few minutes. Your provider should give you access to your service via an app or desktop.

  • Create an Instant International Presence

Advertising an international number automatically gives you greater worldwide visibility. In addition, you get the opportunity to compete against international brands, developing your corporate strategy along the way.

  • Customers Save Money

If you opt for an International toll-free number, customers can contact you without charge. It’s a really easy way to encourage new and existing customers to reach out to your brand and engage with your team. 

  • Numbers aren’t Numbered

The amount of international phone numbers you can activate is limitless. That means you can have a presence in as many countries as you like. It is important to remember that different networks within different countries may require qualifying criteria to set up a number. Your provider will guide you through the process and in most cases do the legwork for you.

  • Can be assigned to any device

Who says that an international phone number has to be set to just a mobile device or landline? They don’t. You can also assign a number to tablets, laptops and desktops – so, control literally is at your fingertips.

Growing Your Business on an International Scale

Business expansion, especially on an international level, is both a challenging and rewarding opportunity. Introducing an international phone number is an easy way to reach out to new customers; expanding your brand’s visibility wherever you are. 

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