What is Call Whisper? How can my business use it to improve our telecoms?

It sounds quite enchanting but what is a call whisper? Not to be mistaken with cold calling, a call whisper can in fact be seen as the anti cold calling. It is intelligent call screening which allows the user to customise how they answer a phone call. The control is at your fingertips; to answer, reject or re-route a call.

The extremely clever part of this process is; the person or party that’s calling will not know that you’re screening, they will continue to hear the ringing tone. Meanwhile, you will be given information (a short message) advising on the type of call you are receiving. What you wish to do with that call is your decision.

This form of call tracking (available – like call whisper – through Number Supermarket) can be a handy tool to determine calls coming from numerous different numbers, it also can give additional information such as the location and demographics of the caller.

How to use Call Whisper

More importantly, how can my business use it? From a business point of view call whisper is a must. Larger businesses, for example call centres, can utilise the settings of call whisper to direct a call to the correct department (with an IVR option). Also an agent can identify the identity of the call and handle it in the appropriate manner. Small businesses can also benefit from this, saving a lot of time by identifying the caller immediately. This is now taking call management to a new level. These are all available when you buy an 0843 number, get an 03, purchase 0330s, or have any other number range through Number Supermarket.

From a multi-business perspective, multiple phone numbers or non-geographical phone numbers can now be directed to one phone line, you can quickly determine which business number the caller has dialled. It will give a well-rounded professional impression to the caller, instead of them having to tell you why they called. It will make a potential client or customer feel that they have a more personal experience. It will also ultimately save a business money as there won’t be a need for multiple phone lines, all business numbers can be used on just one line. It’s completely giving you the control over phone call handling in your business.

Top Call Whisper tips

With all calls coming into just one line it also allows the opportunity to analyse data of the calls to improve business or save time on calls. It can also work the opposite way when dialling out, the option is there to call customers/ clients from multiple numbers on just one line. It’s also a useful way to track advertised media, you will know the source of the customer or clients enquiry and this in turn can be used for your marketing purposes (or sourcing which marketing campaign lead to the enquiry).

From a customer’s point of view; this digital world can be frustrating and most people are tired of machines handling their call enquiries. Call whisper is giving high quality customer service without the need to ask a customer or client numerous questions. Time is precious to both the customer and business alike. This could help with sales and lead to higher conversions.

It’s also worth noting that a call whisper is not just confined to a landline it can also be used for mobile phones. An extremely useful addition to your business.