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Non-Geo Numbers – are they for my business?

Are you in the know? Have you familiarised yourself with the benefits of using a non-geographic number? If you have then great, if not, rest assured that you aren’t alone. Many businesses, especially smaller ones, are not aware of the advantages that an NGN can bring. Often referred to as, ‘virtual’ numbers, NGNs can be

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Ofcom Make Call Costs Clearer

1st July Ends Confusion As you are probably aware, the cost of making calls to the services numbers 08, 09 or 118 has long been the cause of much confusion. However, thanks to the regulator ‘Ofcom’ recent changes thankfully mean that callers now have the cost information they require before even dialling. Ofcom are working

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EU & Ofcom ensure talk is cheap

EU and Ofcom changes are afoot, transforming telephone numbers with the existing 08 prefix into newer 03 options. Despite subtle differences between EU and Ofcom aims, they share the views: Calls to 03 numbers should be free from both landlines and mobiles To allow consumer transparency of call tariffs, raising awareness of where their money

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