03 or 08…Which is best for small businesses?

Choosing the right phone number for your business is important. Do you go for a local geographic number or an NGN (non-geographic) option such as an 03 or 08? Which is best for your company. Various types of numbers such as 0330, 0333, 0800 and 0808, are popular for small businesses, but what’s the difference? We aim to look at the benefits of both types of business numbers and hopefully help you decide which to choose.

Why do many small businesses use 03/08 numbers rather than standard landline or mobile numbers?

Personal or professional? As the owner of a small business it can be difficult to decide which approach is best. Of course you want to be within easy reach; however making your personal phone number public knowledge isn’t ideal. Thankfully with the help of 03 and 08 numbers there are options available.

Businesses of all sizes use NGNs (non-geographic) numbers – enjoying a various advantages over standard landline and mobile numbers. Benefits include better call clarity, real-time call data (for marketing purposes) and free calls for your customers/clients. But that’s not all, 08 and 03 numbers can be easily routed to mobiles, landlines or SIP trunks. That means you get to maintain your privacy whilst providing your callers with a professional looking business number. 

What is the difference between 03 and 08 numbers?

Although both are non-geographic numbers they do differ when it comes to the cost you pay. Many business owners, particularly those of smaller concerns, enjoy 03 numbers as they are both cheap to host and to call. 03s are usually free for callers and on the odd occasion they’re not, they are only charged at local 01 & 02 number rate. Some business owners prefer 0800s or 0808s as they are completely free for callers 100% of the time. However, businesses using 0800s do have to pay slightly higher rates on inbound calls.

Freephone 0800s

0800 numbers are a toll-free number for your callers; allowing them to contact you without any telecom charge. It’s the business owner who pays for the calls. That’s why 0800 numbers are a popular choice for customer service departments as they make it super easy and affordable for customers to get in touch.

It is important to remember that 0800s only work as a freephone number within the UK. Many international telecom networks simply don’t recognise 0800 numbers. Callers trying 0800s from abroad need to omit 0 then enter the country code when dialling. International call rates will apply, which means they are not free outside the UK. It’s important to remember that international toll-free numbers are also available. Get your international business number today!

Flexibility comes as standard

Good news! 0800 numbers are available to any individual or organisation. What’s more, they have no restrictions either – making them a popular choice for charities, businesses and government organisations. Commonly assigned to customer service lines, 0800s are regularly used by businesses to provide free customer support. Also used for marketing purposes and competitions, 0800s are a truly versatile choice.

Cutting costs with an 03

Reducing costs is particularly important for owners of small concerns. Choosing to use an 0330 business number is an easy way to make savings. As a more economical choice than 0800s, 03s certainly are budget friendly. It’s not only your pocket they’re gentle on, they’re affordable for callers too; with the vast majority of callers having 03s included in their call bundles. If on the rare occasion they don’t have them included, 03 numbers are never more than a local rate call. 

Furnished with the same call features as 0800 and 0808 business numbers, 0330, 0333 and 0300 numbers, are loaded with functionality and are an affordable form of communication for businesses large and small.

Getting Your 03 Number

Getting a 0330 number for your small business is easy – simply choose your provider,   select your number and enjoy your new service. Once you have your 03 number set up, you can start promoting it to your customers. Don’t forget to advertise it on your website, business cards, emails, vehicles and more. Remember, you can also add it to advertising products such as TV or radio commercials. So, what’s stopping you?

Number Supermarket Packages 

Did you know that Number Supermarket provides flexible 03 and 08 business number packages? In fact, we have everything you’ll need to manage your number from hosting and set up to ongoing management; all underpinned by Tier 1 quality service at a competitive rate. Why not activate your 03 today?[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]