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More and more sectors now using the prefix 03, rather than traditional 01 or 02s. There’s also an increased amount of users choosing 03 over what are often perceived to be more expensive 08s. Therefore, there are plenty of reasons people have for wanting further information. Perhaps you are looking to establish a new business telephone number? Maybe you are a non-profit making organisation needing to transfer to 03 before the 2015 Ofcom deadline? Or you might be an individual searching for a specific company that has a 03 prefix attached to their contact number. Whichever best describes you; you will discover all you need right here at Number Supermarket.

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Do you have a specific 03 telephone number in mind for your company but can’t seem to find it amongst our online portfolio? Don’t worry, simply call the Number Supermarket sales team on 0330 332 0400, and we will endeavour to source it for you.
Likewise, if you are planning to migrate to 03 from the equivalent 0870 prefix, rest assured, that the Number Supermarket are here to make the transition run as smoothly as possible.