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0203 Numbers – Buy Your Number Now

Just before choosing your bespoke 0203 number, we’ll tell you a little more about them. Did you know that the 0203 prefix is part of the London-based 020 area code family? Beginning in the year 2000, 020 telephone numbers have been around for a while – with 0203 being the newest addition. Internal and external areas of London were previously divided between 0171 and 0181 prefixes, before 02s came to the fore.

These days London has a single 020 prefix, (including) 0203, which circulates throughout the whole inner and outer region of the City. If you would like to have a business presence in the nation’s capital and beyond, simply buy your 0203 number now.

Step 1: Choose your 0203 number


£12.99 / mo

+ Standard ppm call charges

Features Included

Perfect for any small business owner only

£12.99 / mo

  • Route to Landline & Mobile

  • Pre-Connection Greeting

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£18.99 / mo

+ Standard ppm call charges

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Great for medium to large enterprises only

£18.99 / mo

  • Disaster Recovery

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  • iPhone / Android AppNEW

Once you have chosen your 0203, remember – it is also referred to as a geographic telephone number. In other words, it is location specific. Many callers find dialling a geographic business number reassuring, particularly when searching for local services/products. It’s a sure sign to callers that phone numbers beginning with 02 are usually business landline numbers situated in the UK. What’s more, 0203s are categorised as regular landline numbers, therefore charged at just a standard rate (or free when included in provider bundles).

Numbers beginning with 020 3

So, to confirm – all numbers beginning with 02, (including those starting with 0203), are the area code covering London and the surrounding area. It’s not only the majority of Greater London that will be covered by the 020 area code. Some adjacent areas just outside the Greater London boundary are also included.

As a general rule, London has three separate dialling codes –  020 8 is generally for outer London and 020 7 for inner London.  What about the 020 3 code? Well,  020 3 code was introduced as 020 7 and 020 8 codes were beginning to run out and so that prefix covers the inner and outer region.

London area code – 0203 numbers, all you need to know

As 020 3 numbers are typically landline numbers, and can be easily used to forward calls to other areas of the UK, to international locations and even virtual facilities. The great thing is, 020 numbers can be used to create a physical presence in the area, without even having to have an office or bricks-and-mortar premises there. With simple configuration and routing, you can have a virtual business presence in an instant.

Displaying and writing 0203 numbers

When displaying or writing London phone numbers, the correct format is 020 3XXX XXXX.

What should I dial if I am based in London?

The 020 area code is optional if dialling from a London-based landline – just the eight digit local phone number is needed.

Are 020 3 numbers only for certain businesses?

Not at all, any company in any industry is able to use an 020 3 number.

How much does it cost to call a 0203 number?

As 020 3 numbers are landline numbers, they are charged at ‘standard rate’.  Costs can vary slightly depending on what time of day calls are made and from which service provider. Many mobile contracts include 02s in free minutes or monthly contract bundles.

More than a number

Alongside being your business’ phone number, your new 0203 is also an extension of your brand and an invaluable marketing tool. That’s why choosing a number which looks great and rolls off the tongue (with a memorable number sequence) is a great addition to your company.

Why not select your new 0203 telephone number today? Simply visit our ‘number selection’ page.  You’ll find our easy three-step shopping system makes choosing and paying for your number easy. Alternatively, to speak to us directly please call 0330 332 0400. We’re here 7-days a week, and always happy to help.

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